Copy on key value of glass working as interpreted by Zanetti

A lively collection on glass

The predilection of Oscar Zanetti for naturalistic subjects is reflected in a lively collection inspired by the flora and fauna of his beloved Venetian Lagoon: blown or massive glass objects, all executed rigorously by hand, in the best tradition of the great masters of Murano.

Proud to have the Vetro Artistico di Murano guarantee n° 023.


  • Solid glass sculptures
  • Naturalistic subjects: Horses, Birds, Fish, Animals and also abstracts
  • Entirely hand made and signed (engraved) by the artist himself
  • Vey Limited and exclusive production
  • Unique and custom made pieces and installations
  • Classic and also Modern decoration techniques


If glass carries its own limits within, it is also true that these limits paradoxically have…

Figurative & Abstract

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Animals constituted one of young Oscar’s first contacts with glass, when he began his experience…


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